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Welcome to Hamilton!

At Hamilton Elementary, our students experience joyful, healthy relationships in a learning environment that includes rigorous content with daily instruction, deep engagement, and student ownership through feedback and goal setting. We prepare our students by developing identity, motivation, and academic knowledge and skills.

Engaged Students

We offer a welcoming environment where families can be engaged in their student's learning. From an active PTA to family events, students and parents work closely with our teachers and staff throughout the year to build relationships that generate trust and excitement about our school. Located in the heart of the Dawson community, many generations have entered through Hamilton's doors, and we are excited for what the future holds for our students!

Focus on the Whole Child

Our staff places significant value supportive classroom environments. Teachers help their students set behavior goals and provide them with strategies to recognize, de-escalate, and describe their emotions to others. Classrooms start the day with community meetings and end with optimistic closures. We also have counseling support services from Dayspring and Child Family Services on site to support our students' mental and emotional health.


With our outdoor classroom space, students get to play musical instruments on an outdoor stage, build wooden crafts, and learn about nature by exploring rocks, creeks, and our planting garden. Hamilton teachers use the garden as a teaching environment for the students, where they participate in growing tomatoes, cantaloupe and squash.

Hamilton elementary

pre-k - 5th Grade

2316 N. Norwood Pl. 
Tulsa, OK 74115
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Phone: 918-746-9440

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